The company has an in-house mobile medical caravan which provides a professional occupational health service, particularly focused in the Construction industry. All medical evaluations are conducted on site by a fully qualified occupational health practitioner.

The mobile clinic’s services include Audiometric, Lung Function, Vision Screening as well as Psychometric evaluations. This service has added value to the Company in that employees become more aware of their state of health.

The mobile clinic, with its full suite of technologically advanced medical equipment ensures that down time and lost man hours are kept to a minimum, with medical evaluations being conducted at the client’s premises.

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Haw & Inglis are 100% committed to the development of human resources and the transfer of skills at all levels. Training and development is focused on the accelerated development of junior management with a specific focus on mentorship and the development of previously disadvantaged individuals. Our bursary programme sponsors over 70 civil engineering students, with a number of graduates becoming available each year.

In 2014 the Company exceeded the 1.5% skills development target as per the BBBEE Construction Scorecard. The Company is also fully compliant with the Skills Development Act, Skills Development Levies Act and CETA regulations.

Mentoring is the activity of assisting others in their search to gain more knowledge and develop new skills and for this reason, the company embarked on an in-house approved and verified mentorship programme in 2007. This is used as a career-development tool in order to fast track employees who have demonstrated potential to grow and develop and is in line with the Construction Charter.

We currently have over twenty employees from junior management level who has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with their coach and mentor. Mentors were assigned to assist individuals with career development and to assist these employees to obtain professional technical / engineering status with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP).

The Company has entered into enterprise development agreements with 6 entities which vary from small to medium-sized companies. In terms of the agreement, the Company has undertaken to mentor the protégés, through an accredited Enterprise Development programme.

All companies are mentored by the Enterprise Development Manager who has a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 30 years in the construction industry. Training and skills transfer covers all aspects of a business which includes finance, human resources, tendering and running meetings.

Haw & Inglis Group’s updated safety, health and environmental (SHE) policy clearly states that the group prioritises safety issues. The Company also employs internal and external health and safety practitioners who audit the various sites on an ongoing basis.

Quality management processes have been effectively implemented and are constantly monitored within the Company. The Company is ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 accredited with SABS quality management systems.

Haw & Inglis has enthusiastically taken up the challenge of tackling HIV/AIDS, and is pioneering the fight against this scourge in the industry. HIV counselling and testing has been made available to all permanent employees since 2003 and now Haw & Inglis self-manages what is arguably one of the most successful patient management and treatment programmes in the country.
The HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme offers all HIV positive employees HIV/AIDS Awareness, Counselling and Testing every two years and the key elements of the Programme include the following:

• An impact assessment of HIV and AIDS on your organisation
• HIV/AIDS awareness programmes
• Voluntary HIV testing and counselling programmes
• HIV/AIDS education and training
• Condom distribution
• Encouraging health treatment for STI’s and TB
• Universal infection control procedures
• Creating an open accepting environment
• Wellness programmes for employees affected by HIV/AIDS
• The provision of antiretroviral medication
• Education and awareness about antiretroviral and treatment literacy programmes
• Counselling and other forms of social support for infected employees
• Monitoring, evaluation and review of the programme.
• The company’s philosophy to focus of keeping HIV positive employees healthy and productive and HIV negative employees informed of their status and aware of the disease’s impact.
The Company’s comprehensive in-house patient management and monitoring programme is offered to all HIV positive employees with the support of HIV specialists and medical doctors. The programme includes regular visits to doctors and pathologists in order to monitor employees. When employees are required to start on ARV’s, this medication is supplied and delivered by the Company on a monthly basis and those who do not require them, receive immune boosting vitamins.
This programme focuses on installing an ethos of self-responsibility and encourages employees to take ownership of their diseases and their life. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health within a culture of trust that they are committed to instil throughout the organisation.